Who We Are?

 Fayeda Travel & Tourism LLC has proven itself as a tourism and hospitality empire since its inception in the United Arab Emirates in 2006. All the success was bagged by the company’s operational network that represents a unique and fully integrated business model operating in both direct and indirect tourism related activities facilitated by the companies in our network. We immaculate service delivery through our own fleet of vehicles, in-house drivers and multi-lingual guides. To allow greater coverage and access to the guests worldwide, Fayeda Group has established offices in all major cities in Oman, along with branches in UK, INDIA,UAE, and Qatar, in addition to representation offices in the Moscowand Germany.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to generate consistent and sustainable holidays/experience for our guests and to achieve this we follow and excellence in our customer – centric approach, keeping up to date with the current trends, partner with other market leaders to bring the best of the future experiences to our customers first.

Our Vision

The company’s Vision is to be the leading service provider in the UAE through sustainable growth, by focusing on the core business and by continuously introducing innovative ideas and products for our partners and guests.

Why choose Fayeda Tours ?

● Direct contracts with all major attractions

● Most Competitive market rates

● Fleet of Exclusively Owned Cars and Respectful Drivers

● 3000+ Visa Quota

● Best competitive Hotel rates

● Flexible terms for cancellation and re schedule

● Elite list of provider

● Multiple mode of secured payments

● Qualified and Experienced Team for your assistance

● Ever growing list of satisfied customers

Our Expertise on International Travel, Toursim and Local Tours

Our expertise lies in the areas of international travel, tourism, and local tours. We have extensive knowledge and experience in providing information, guidance, and support related to these domains. Some specific areas in

which we can assist include:

Destination Information: We can provide detailed information about various travel destinations worldwide, including popular tourist attractions, cultural landmarks, local customs, and travel logistics.

Travel Planning: We can help you plan your international travel itineraries, including suggesting the best time tovisit, recommending must-see sights, and offering tipsfor a smooth travel experience.

Travel Safety and Security: We can provide guidance on travel safety measures, including general safety tips,advice on dealing with common travel challenges, and information on travel advisories and restrictions.

Local Tours and Activities: We can recommend local tours and activities that showcase the highlights of a particular destination, including guided tours, culturalexperiences, adventure activities, and culinary delights.

Travel Resources: We can provide information on travel documentation requirements,visa applications, currency exchange, transportation options, and accommodation suggestions to help you make informed decisions during your travel planning.

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